Design Process

Take the Time to Reflect...

Guided by insight, the intangible and subtle play of light finds expressions in our fabrics.

A Suggestion of from. A hint of Pattern. A splash of Color.

Making connections is a crucial element of the design process which allows one to Observe, Visualize and Manifest in a material way.

Sky.Cloud.Space. Tree.Shrub.Blossom. Texture.Rhythm.Movement

Nature in its myriad forms has been a source of inspiration in textile design for centuries. Set in a tropical landscape and surrounded by lush vegetaion, our design studio is an ideal platform for creating contemparary botanical themes which are a core element of our collections.

The Journey begins with fibre in its simplest form. Fibre Becomes Yarn. Yarn As warp and weft interlace to become cloth.

The evolution of cloth is an organic process with the designer as the guide of this journey. The technical aspects of fabric construction is the solid ground from which the aesthetics of design emerge.