Life at Himatsingka

Himatsingka prides its unique environment cultivated by a group of enthusiastic and talented people diverse in their backgrounds. It provides potential employees with remarkable opportunities to cultivate their responsibility and creativity while growing their careers and our business.

What we look for in our employees

The Group’s HR looks for these basic attributes to build a diverse and well-knit team:

• Dependability
• Flexibility
• Integrity and Honesty
• Motivation and Dedication
• An Eye for Detail
• Team Skills
• Strong Work Ethics
• A Positive Attitude
• High Energy
• Leadership

Leadership & Learning

The Himatsingka Learning Academy (HLA) is the foundation for all our employees to learn and excel. Himatsingka aims at continuously transforming and developing a large pool of talent and taking them to a newer orbit in performance.

Himatsingka Professional Managers’ Program (HPM)

Managers at Himatsingka are offered a three month rigorous Management Development Program.
This program instills essential elements of being professional by causing a shift in attitude and behavior and facilitates their internal transformation. The ‘Learn-Practice-Share-Learn’ approach entails –
- Projects to be done after each session to ensure implementation.
- Individuals come back and share the implementation process and their experiences.
- The sessions being linked effectively to allow a gradual and smooth transition.

Himatsingka Professional Operators Program (HPO)

Operators are oriented regularly through a structured week-long refresher course that deals with areas essential to lead a successful and happy work life. Topics such as spirituality, family & relationships, health & hygiene, public governance, money management, personal grooming and know-how of textile processes are covered.


The wellness of all employees is important and the Group’s policies are planned keeping in mind the changing demands of the workplace. Benefits are carefully provided for and are extended to the families of the employees.

Giving Back

Himatsingka is committed to supporting and encouraging its employees to dedicate time for community development through the ‘Go Green Program’. The tree plantation drive undertaken by the Group has already led to the plantation of more than 5000 trees.
The Group encourages its employees to partner in projects that help uplift the lives of people in rural areas. Some of the projects initiated by Himatsingka are:

Project Shilpi

A bridge course to prepare the children of the Himatsingka employees to face competitive examinations and have access to suitable career options.

School Adoption

The Group aims at providing better education and amenities to the schools neighboring the manufacturing facilities.