Silk & Blended Yarn

The Spun Silk facility at Himatsingka manufactures 100% Spun Silk yarn as well as Silk yarns blended with Wool, Tussar & Linen. This division predominantly caters to the niche requirements of the Drapery and Upholstery manufacturing division and also selectively caters to niche clientele who require high quality Spun Silk and blended yarns.

Plant Location: Doddaballapur, Karnataka, India

No. of employees: 80

Capacity: The facility has an installed capacity of 200 MT per annum.

Product Type: A wide variety of yarns – singles and twisted, are produced at this facility. Plain and fancy yarns suitable for weaving as well as for flat bed and circular knitting are produced here. Regular, Gassed and Shantung qualities are offered from this facility.

Products Offered:

Varieties Regular Yarn Fancy Yarn
Spun Silk 1/20-2/240Nm 1/10-2/30Nm
Silk blended with Wool 1/20-2/90Nm 1/10-2/20Nm
Silk blended with Linen 1/15-2/30Nm 1/10-2/30Nm
Silk blended with Tussar 1/20-2/90Nm 1/20-2/30Nm