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Bath Solutions

To deliver beyond the benefits of scale, Himatsingka has incubated a smart manufacturing culture that leverages next generation technology and commits to sustainability, best-in-class quality, improved customization, highest standards of safety, and enhanced agility. Made using only the finest yarns, our toweling products undergo rigorous quality control to ensure only the finest products are delivered to our customers.

Creating product solutions > driving consumer choices > stimulating demand

Our Brands

The Himatsingka Group has a prestigious portfolio of over 15+ brands that consists of the most celebrated names in the home textiles space from across the globe. These brands, both licensed and owned, accommodate a dynamic range of consumer preferences across geographies, strengthening our connection with customers across 32 countries the world over.


At Himatsingka, we pursue a smart brand culture that is future-forward in thought and action. We are committed to following sustainable processes that leverage next-generation technological solutions to deliver quality results. We follow the highest safety standards and meet enhanced customization requirements for customers across the globe with both, assurance and agility.

Leaders in Cotton Traceability

Our traceability solutions portfolio, capable of tracking and tracing cotton to source, makes our cotton brands sought after and reliable at a time when consumers desire complete transparency. These platforms enable consumers to make informed and responsible choices about the textile products they bring into their homes.

Leveraging technology, integration and scale

Being integrated from fibre to shelf gives us improved response times. With the overhaul of retail models underway, ‘response time’ is a critical facet of vendor strength and reliability.

Dynamic Product Solutions

High frequency product introductions are increasing today. We believe our investments in integrated, technically advanced and scale oriented operations are more suited to servicing the dynamic requirements of today’s consumer.