Himatsingka Himatsingka

Sustainable Development

A better tomorrow starts today

We are focused on initiatives that help in reducing the consumption of energy, water, and other natural resources.

Creating smarter for a better world

The integration of sustainable development into the business is increasingly important today in transitioning towards a circular and low-carbon economy.

Product innovation

Our digital shop floors and paperless warehouses function with a real-time waste monitoring system. We have eliminated the use of plastic through our supply chain with more sustainable alternatives. Our responsibly sourced and environment-friendly packaging solutions and product concepts are being widely adopted by our partners across the globe.

Waste Management

Himatsingka has been leading from the front in advanced water recovery initiatives, implementing and operating a Zero Liquid Discharge plant with the best-in-class water treatment facilities. Through rigorous monitoring and constant upgradation of technology, our overall recovery of freshwater currently stands at 99% with 1% evaporation.

Social Enhancement

Relationships are integral to the Himatsingka value system. We value people – the people who work for us and the people who collaborate with us. Himatsingka is supported by a 10,000-strong workforce that embodies our culture of collaboration, symbiotic growth, and mutual respect. At our Learning Academy, thousands of young people from rural communities are provided opportunities to earn better, receive life/job skill training, pursue further education, while working in a healthy, safe, and enabling environment. Our ability to ‘make better lives possible’ through meaningful partnerships with every stakeholder is a sustainable measure of our business success.

Customer Reassurance

Our belief in partnership and absolute integrity extends to all our stakeholders. We deeply value our consumers with whom we continue to build a connection by remaining alert to their requirements, agile to their needs, and proactive in anticipating their preferences, partnering with them on advanced product solutions that are consciously created.

Climate Change

We believe the best time to be ready for tomorrow, starts today. Our cutting-edge, sustainable solutions, aided by enhanced digital platforms and robotic functions across the value chain are the key components to creating a sustainable manufacturing enterprise.

Irrigation System

Using an advanced, solar-powered drip irrigation system, our farmers make certain there is zero water wastage in the farming process.

Nutrient Tracker

Using drone technology, our farmers scout and map fields for nutritional deficiencies, taking preempting action to resolve problems.

Track & Trace

Our DNA Track and Trace patented technology ensure we deliver only the purest cotton – right from the farm to shelf.

Aerial & Drone Management

Using drone monitoring and thermal imagery, our farmers closely monitor crops, resolving every issue at its very nascent stages.