Our Philospophy

The ideal of manifesting beauty in material form has been the guiding philosophy. From the very early stages of the establishment of the Group, the approach towards the making of cloth has been one of experiment and self-expression.

An interactive play between idea and material, pattern and structure, color and texture; the various components of a textile has been the spontaneous ideal of the design team dedicated to the art of weaving. Individuality in approach is encouraged as much as the emphasis given on collaborative effort.

The design team is supported by a design infrastructure, which consists of an archive of over 25,000 designs; CAD systems directly connected to weaving machines and supported by a team of weave specialists and manufacturing experts. The studio develops over 1500 new product designs every year, of which about 1000 are launched.

Chasing originality of design, the team finds inspiration from the world that surrounds – design on the Mosaic of a world-famous-relic or even the thatched roof of a village home. Creative minds translate the beauty of their muse into decorative textiles, using variety of textures, colors, weaves and yarns.