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Traceability Solutions

Traceability, Transparency & Trust

At Himatsingka we have authenticity down to a science. Our revolutionary Track and Trace technology ensures that the purity of our cotton is monitored and tested at every stage. Our DNA tagged cotton platform provides the unique ability to ensure cotton purity from our farm to your home.

Our Farming Community

Knowing your products are made with the finest cotton in the world is the peace of mind you should expect.

Innovation meets Integration

Himatsingka’s proprietary tagging technology incorporates a physical molecular tracer combined with fibre typing. Together these technologies preserve the integrity of the cotton fibre at its precise point of origin, allowing us to track the date, time, place and the social and environmental practices used to produce the cotton.

  • The molecular tag binds itself to cotton fibres permanently.
  • Each molecular tag is unique and cannot be counterfeited.
  • The molecular tag is created using a plant-based DNA.
  • The tag is non-GMO and does not impact the quality of our cotton.
  • We have distinct tags for each of our cotton variants.

Brands Synonymous with Quality

PimaCott is the world's only proven pure pima cotton. Our revolutionary tracking system monitors our pima from the farm to the shelf, ensuring it's never blended or diluted with inferior cotton. For premium pima cotton quality you can see, feel, and most importantly, trust.
OrganicCott is our honest-to-goodness organic cotton, as pure as nature. Quality cotton that’s so close to nature that it looks and feels good to your skin.
With care, ingenuity, and good old-fashioned hard work, HomeGrown’s family farmers produce the finest, strongest, purest cotton possible. Experts call it upland cotton. But you can just call it comfortable, durable, and 100% American.
GizaCott is the world's only proven pure Egyptian cotton. With a GizaCott label, you know you're getting a pure Egyptian cotton product. Our revolutionary tracking system monitors our Giza yarn from the farm to the store. GizaCott is a premium giza cotton quality, you can see, feel, and most importantly, trust.